Martha DeFlorio

Growing up, I spent most of my summers and days after school working at my parents' small neighborhood grocery store in Connecticut. In the late 70s, when my parents were just starting out, the name DeFlorio's was already taken -- my grandfather's store was down the street and around the corner and it already went by our last name. My grandpa had taken over his mother's store which was the first DeFlorio's that was started in the 1930s during the Great Depression.

Today, my dad's store goes by DeFlorio's, but myself and family members refer to it as The Store. I grew up constantly referring to places that felt like home as The Store and The Market, where my dad shopped for his produce in the Bronx, NY. As my career began to unfold, I found similarities to my childhood, calling my workplace The Studio and shopping for flowers at The Market. I used to live in Boston, the place where I credit all of my floral knowledge taught to me by my friend and mentor, Orly Khon who owns Orly Khon Floral in Boston.  

Someday, I might change my company name to DeFlorio because it certainly is very fitting. For now, I like how personal the name Made Floral is to me. The Made of Made Floral comes from the first two letters of my first and last name. I was named after my grandmother who was a very influential person in my childhood. She is a beautiful decorator and the warmest caretaker. Every Saturday evening, she brought together most of her six children and their kids over a huge meal. She loved learning, composted daily, encouraged resourcefulness and creativity, and enjoyed the outdoors. At times, when I am spelling out the name Made Floral, I get lost and start spelling my last name by the time I get to the letter "R" to spell Madeflorio and that makes me smile.

Made Floral encompasses all the good things that I have been taught about owning a small business and enjoying a passion so much that I want to share it with others. Each of my arrangements are crafted and natural, with full intention of someone or something special.